RANA conducted a sampling program

27 June 2017imagesNordic Food

To be even closer to its consumers, between 2.06.2017 - 25.06.2017, Rana carried out a product sampling campaign with capelletti prosciutto crudo, tortellini with cheese, tortellini ricotta with spinach and mushroom ravioli, which was received with great enthusiasm by consumers who have never tried Rana's fresh pasta. Also for the loyal consumers was a great opportunity to try out new fresh and tasty assortments.


"I have never tasted Rana products before, I will certainly buy them."

Assortments variety along with many ways to serve Rana products, have been very appreciated by the consumers. Also the short cooking time just 5 minutes makes Rana very special!

"I'm glad there's such pasta that can be cooked in such a short time."

Serving fresh and tasty pasta in important locations, such as Auchan, Cora and Carrefour, has been an important factor in the decision to buy the product, convincing most consumers that these products contain quality ingredients. They were delighted by the smell of freshly cooked pasta and the high filling content.

"They are very tasty, you can even feel stuffing."

"Live pasta cooking on location seems to me to be a big plus, they really feel fresh."

Rana pasta consumers appreciate the quality/price ratio. More than that, casual consumers have noticed the 10% discount, considering this a good opportunity to choose the brand's pasta, referring first to the quality and then to the price.

"They are the best fresh pasta I have ever eaten, I know them from a friend in Italy, where they all consume these pasta."