Wudy Sampling Event

25 July 2017imagesNordic Food

To be even closer to consumers, during May and June, Wudy had a great sampling campaign for Wudy classic and Wudy with cheese, consumers were very pleased by the product variety and their uniqueness.


"I did not know there was frankfurters with cheese on the market, they are great!"

This in-store action took place in the most important chain stores Auchan, Carrefour and Cora and aimed both at increasing product notoriety and sales.

Also, the fact that Wudy is the number one brand in Italy in the sausage category, has increased the curiosity of consumers, based on the quality of Italian products. That's why consumers were surprised by the price-quality ratio, saying they were happy.

"I'm sure they are qualitative if they are number one in Italy! I'll try it!"

Most consumers were impressed and attracted by this product because of the amount of meat used in the preparation of the product (94%). The ability to cook Wudy (fried or grilled) other than we all known (boiled), due to the lack of membrane which has been a further advantage in the acquisition process.

“Daca nu as fi gustat, as fi crezut ca este o eticheta mincionoasa. Sunt placut surprinsa de acest produs!”

 "If I didn’t tasted it, I would thought it was a lying label. I'm pleasantly surprised by this product!"