Internship Program

2 August 2017imagesNordic Food

One of the successful models practiced by leading companies around the world are well-organized internship programs that attract many benefits for both the company and its future, as well for each participant who has the opportunity to develop and build a career, with the full benefit of a dedicated program.

On May 15th, we also started an internship project. It was the first edition and, as such, a novelty for everyone. The program was successful because it benefited from the essential ingredient of such an approach: involvement. Both colleagues and trainees have demonstrated an active involvement in learning, developing, creating a framework to integrate and motivate them to contribute to the company future growth.

14 young people attended the program, fresh graduates or students. They devoted time to knowing each department within the organization and then chose to deepen the learning in one of the departments. Today, each department can boast that at least one such member is part of the their team.

A demanding, but every day worthwhile program, because at the end of it we know that we are richer in team and that we have managed to attract quality people by quality people. A program that we will resume in the years to come.