Nordic Food Launches Andros Products

30 July 2017imagesNordic Food

Nordic Food launches fresh fruit products of the French brand Andros.

Andros is especially famous for its fruit puree products, which are made from crushed and boiled lightly fruits, an otherwise popular dessert in Europe and North America. We offer for retail the following products:

  • Fruit me up! - Andros fruit puree, which can be stored at an ambient temperature it comes in 90g bags, which can be both a snack or part of your breakfast. They come in various flavors: apple, apple & banana, apple & strawberry, apple & pear.
  • Chilled fruit dessert, with all the nutritional strength of a serving of fruits, various assortments, set of 4 pcs * 100g.
  • Juices chilled from squeezed fruits, highly appreciated in France, being the best-selling products. These are made from 100% fruit juice, without additives or concentrated. Will be available in 1 liter bottles.