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26 June 2018imagesNordic Food

Are you a student or a fresh graduate? Do you want to apply your knowledge in an environment that will allow you to develop professionally? Come to meet us in the new Nordic Food internship program!

At the second edition, the internship program will allow you to understand how a company works, what are the workflows and how your knowledge can be used. The program is a full-time, paid, 3-month program. In the end, it can turn into a permanent job or it can be extended for another three months. We want to meet ambitious, talented young people who will become key persons at Nordic Food in the future. So do not hesitate, send us your application for one of the departments where you want to gain experience: Marketing, Logistics, IT or Sales.


Internships are a real chance for your professional future. Following the 2017 program, 11 young people from the 14 participants in the project remained in the Nordic Food team. We believe in the energy and enthusiasm of young people, and their reactions encourage us to offer them an environment favorable to their professional and personal development.

For Raluca, employed in the Human Resources Department, a participant in the 2017 program, the internship was "besides professional development, one of the most important lessons we learned at Nordic - doing what you are passionate about, along with exceptional people. Everyone involved in the process has welcomed this new challenge and they all have been keen to share with us the little secrets that lead to the development of a leading company. "

Alexandra, part of the Marketing Team, says: "I've enrolled in this project to learn new things and gain experience in the field, which has happened. Entering the Nordic family, I found out what motivates me and what are my main needs from a professional point of view. The team I work with helped me to understand how to translate and solve some simple things that seemed very complicated and I liked the casual approach, but based on rational explanations."

"Time spent at Nordic Food gave me the confidence to believe in the marketing concepts that I have studied at the university and gave me an open platform to apply them in a real business atmosphere", noted Andrei, also from the Marketing Team.

And Iulia gave us her opinion on the period spent as an intern in the Marketing department: "Any new job starts with some expectations you have from the employer, or that the employer has from you. On the first day I was in the "I do not know what I do not know" phase, then easily, along with our Marketing guides and the support of our HR colleagues, we learned the first week the basics knowledge that opened our minds and showed the way that we will go in the next few months, where I said, "I know what, but how do I get there." And it did not take long before the "bombing" began with numbers, graphics, new contacts, , SAP, TT, GM, FS, I just wanted to say "hey, DND and BRB." But it's worth it! You start to learn, understand, catch up with colleagues and get new ideas, suggest ideas and you are congratulated, this all shows that you are already part of the collective, part of the company and you realize you've become "from zero to hero" in less than 3 months. Thank you Nordic! "

Alin now works in the Horeca Sales department: "This was a new beginning because I moved to Bucharest for this internship and after three months I decided to join without hesitation this wonderful team. Here I met people who were willing to offer their knowledge and help me integrate. "

His colleague Ionut also has words of praise about the internship. "Nordic Food is the perfect environment for me and for those interested in selles. The team has a rich knowledge in this area and that's why this internship program is a great opportunity to learn from the most trained. I warmly invite to join anyone who wants to work in a professional environment where we are in a continuous learning process. "

Also within the same department, Romulus believes: "For me, the Nordic internship has been a major change. It started with the desire to gain experience, to try something new, and it turned into a job that pleases me. Throughout my internship, I have benefited from opportunities that have helped me discover the world of sales and to develop my skills in this field. Consequently, I decided that this is where I want to train and form. The team with who I worked and the opportunities offered led to my choice to accept a permanent role in the company. "

Alexandra is part of the Logistics Department and says, "If you still do not know whether to apply or not, I tell you ... do it. The Nordic internship program is the best ever. For me it was the most beautiful experience. And it changed my life. I had fears at first. Emotions. But I was and I am surrounded by wonderful people who have done their best for me to acquire a vast knowledge. It was the ideal place to learn to face any fear, any emotion, to learn absolutely everything that is happening within a distribution center and beyond. Let me also say that here I learned and I actually saw what I'm studying in college? And that matters a lot to someone who is at the beginning. "

"The internship program was a very good starting point for my career as I joined a united team where the experience and knowledge of my colleagues are a result of many years of activity in a dynamic field. The patience and support they showed me, facilitated my training as a junior, and the diversity of situations is an indispensable element that contributes continuously to my personal and professional development." says Catalina from the Financial Department.

"Nordic Food is an excellent employer. I was part of the first internship program, which helped me in my current career, because I managed to get to know all the departments and to acquire a great view of the structure, values and mission of the company. Also, the work environment is a friendly one, colleagues are always willing to help you and explain all your mistakes. They have always shown openness and a lot of patience for our integration into the chosen departments," says Raluca, part of the FoodService Sales department.

"For me, the internship program was a new challenge and I say challenge because it was the first step to my first job. So I started with fear and 2 questions: What will happen and I will manage to do it? But all these fears have disappeared after the first days of "induction" in the different departments of the company when I realized I would work with open and cheerful people ready to help you and answer any questions. The team I'm working with is a stable one, ready to guide my every step in the world of the dazzling world of numbers that I'm running around every day. Today I am glad to be part of such a team that helped me to discover that I like what I am doing now," says Iulia, who is part of the Financial Department.


Among prestigious Romanian businesses Nordic Group, founded in 1991, is a company that writes history. We pride ourselves on a constant evolution and a pioneers’ philosophy, and the transformations we have made are recommending us as an organization where people learn and discover what they are capable of.

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