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Truff & Moi - fine dinind delivery

15 May 2020imagesNordic Group

At a time when adaptability is an important feature to overcome the situation generated by Covid19, we are happy to announce that starting with May of this year, a new identity has been added to the portfolio of Nordic Group.

You can read below the press release issued on the occasion of the launch of Truff & Moi:


Press release

May 13, 2020


Educate tastes and delight the senses - Truff & Moi delivers a fine-dining experience


A saying from Romania says that What the year does not bring, the clock brings! and during these difficult times for the HORECA industry in general and restaurants in particular, it really turns out that we need to exploit the moment. Starting with May 13, 2020, we will be able to enjoy the unmistakable aroma of truffles, generously combined with dishes made by a French chef, delivered in the comfort of our home by the brand new Truff & Moi restaurant. We are talking about truffles, those that give the defining detail of a fine-dining dish, an affordable luxury and the opportunity to review our perspective on culinary pampering.

Truff & Moi appeared to respond to a need for "friendship" with exclusive dishes, thus making them available to the general public in a simple and natural way - home delivery through the dedicated site. The menu is prepared by chef Stephane Mora, a chef born in the south of France, but who considers Bucharest as his home. The menu brings together quality ingredients, masterfully enhanced by chef Stephane - from light salads to seafood and creamy desserts - sprinkled with truffles, obviously.

Behind the concept is the enthusiasm of a young entrepreneur, Ciprian Moldoveanu, who at only 35 years old took over the management of a giant like Nordic Food. He states that he traveled a lot since childhood, and then as an adult to be fascinated by the beauty and lifestyle of the picturesque islands of the Mediterranean basin - "There I discovered a lifestyle that even the movies could not capture, how dinner at a chic restaurant brought the whole family together in a relaxed and natural scene seen with the innocence of a child raised with the key around his neck. In addition to this special atmosphere, I also discovered ingredients and flavors that seemed to come from another world. I had to find the courage to taste a shell prepared by Gianni - a family friend from Naples, and the culinary experience of tasting an octopus moved me even more intensely than the driver license exam, without being able to match the first oyster I really enjoyed.

I wanted through Truff & Moi and the these dishes to bring some of these experiences to the public in our country, a culinary journey carefully packaged and delivered to the homes of those who choose our services. I think there are many Romanians who appreciate the refinement of high class dishes, curious daredevils of culinary experiences. For all those who know how to explore, authentic gourmands, foodies or maybe those whose taste we can evoke at home, for them we created Truff & Moi!”

So, starting with May 13, 2020, Truff & Moi delivers the fine-dining experience to your home, thus allowing us to escape to the south of France with the help of a Velouté of Mushrooms and Truffles or to visit bella Italia in the vision of an appetizing portion of Taglioline al Nero of Sepia & Seafood.